Custom Capes - Costumes and Superheroes

When you're a superhero, you need a cape that's pretty darn special.

Capes are the only wearables with the power to turn ordinary human beings into courageous superheroes.

The first capes we ever made were for our action figures to wear. One day, one of our clients asked us to make a larger version for staff, clients, and fans to wear - and the results blew people away.

We put the same level of happy perfectionism into our capes that we do for the high end collectibles we make. If you want people to truly become caped superheroes, Happy Worker is the right partner.

We'll start by answering some of the most common questions about cape manufacturing.

Then below we'll talk about the design options to consider.

The capes are a huge hit! People are amazed at the quality of the capes and the blue bolt pattern thrills them. Our thanks to you and your team!!

Denise Cascino, Producer
Dreamworks Animation: Megamind Capes

I just wanted to let you know that I have a cape, and I love it. The quality of the cape, the print, down to the [LinkedIn] logo on the tag… I love them! So did the customers!

Amber Halstead, Campus Events Program Manager

In Short

  • Timelines: 12 - 16 weeks from concept to delivery
  • Quantities: 1,000+ minimum
  • Pricing: varies – please contact us for an estimate
  • Happy Service: regular updates, top notch quality, & quality checks

Making Capes: The Top 3 Questions

1. What’s a good order size for custom Capes?

We’re able to produce as few as 500 capes and best pricing comes from ordering in the 1,000's. Keep in mind that when people set their eyes on the capes, demand will likely be higher than anticipated.

2. Cape making: How Long Does it Take?

It takes between 2 to 4 months to design, prototype, produce and deliver your order. Time varies mainly based on the type of cape pattern, fabric, and type of clasp (simple button vs. metal interlocking clasp). Contact us and let us know your ideal date for delivery.

3. How much are Custom Capes?

Each order we manufacture is different from the last, and custom cape budgets vary a lot.

Cape costing depends on:

  • Cape size
  • Chosen fabrics + number of fabric layers
  • Screen printing
  • Tags and packaging
  • # of capes created at a time

We Tailor to Budgets

If you have a target budget per cape or for the project, please let us know. We can help recommend the best way to make the most of your budget.

We generally break costs into 3 areas:

  1. Per-cape
    Most adult-sized capes start at $12 and up for 1,000 extremely high-end capes
  2. Setup Investments
    One-time costs for design work and prototyping normally range between $1,000 to $1,500, depending on the capes' complexity and reference artwork/assets available.
  3. Freight
    Shipping costs are additional and depend on the size of the cape, the order quantity, and the destination. We can estimate freight once we learn more about your needs.
Our custom capes are truly fan-tastic.

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Caped History, from simple shawl to fantastical greatness

The cape, a sleeveless jacket of sorts, began as a practical piece of outer wear thousands of years ago. While these flowing back-warmers have evolved over time to keep up with fashion trends, an interesting cape development occurred in the field of fantasy. With further advances in cape-technics and the human imagination, this once unassuming simple piece of cloth was transformed into captivating and powerful hero accessories, fantastical protective shields, or magical (and sometimes invisible) tools for magic. From Little Red Riding Hood, to Super Man, to Harry Potter, many legendary characters have come to regard the cape as a delightfully fun source of power and protection, or at the very least, a fabulous fashion accessory.

Custom Capes 101: From Design through Production To Caped Crusading

Original cape designs are concepted, patterned & prototyped and manufactured to order, tailored to your needs. Let us know your design ideas and together explore different options that suit your recipients, the event and budget.

How It Works: It’s all in the flow

It’s normal for worldly beings to lose their bounce, groove and esteem on occasion. The cape’s recharging powers provide an instant pick-up, giving the wearer the ability to behave courageously, take calculated chances, consider new possibilities, and ultimately succeed against adversity. Plus, they’re great for running around the office in! But one must ask – is it the cape’s powers at work, or is it the wearer’s confidence that provokes these extraordinary actions? Placebo or not, the effect is undeniable… capes empower and boost confidence like no other wearable.


The sizes of your lifesize capes are customizable to your needs and your audience. For superhero style capes, we recommend designs that extend below the knees. A common cape length for adult men is 4 to 5 feet and a nice size for women is just over 3 to 4 feet. Let us know if you’re creating the capes for kids or if your order is meant to accessorize dolls and other toys.


Satin, silk, wool, and velvet are commonly used to form the tangible aspect of the cape. (Mystical powers added by you!) We recommend silk and polyester blends that are wrinkle resistant, light weight, and freight-friendly. Let us know which colors are important to you, and any additional trims, liners, embroidery, printing, pockets, or tagging you have in mind. Depending on your project, we may also recommend original clasps and closures to provide a canvas for emblems and logos while adding value to the garment.

Custom Packaging

Your custom capes can be folded and enclosed in transparent, printed polybag packaging. Bulk packaging is also available, as is gift packaging in boxes or gift wrapped. To help your capes be easily stored and displayed between uses, we can also design custom hooks and hangers to match the program. Please review common <packaging styles> for capes and other items, and Contact us for more options.

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