If you're happy, geeky, 'toyful', passionate, fast + hard working, and "one for all, all for one" - please see below! :)

We Want You(!) - if…

You’re a really special kind of teammate:

  • You’re particularly passionate.
  • You love being part of a small team that accomplishes great things.
  • You live to tackle any and all challenges.
  • You’re Self-motivated + a “we before me” kind of person.
  • You’re obsessed with getting all the little details right, while getting things done fast.
  • You blend a strong work ethic with a friendly, good natured personality and a super sense of humor.
  • In short, our teammates are the ultimate happy workers!

Happy Roles

Happy Worker is currently reviewing all the wonderful applications. This means we're no longer accepting applications. However... if you're especially passionate teammates where being a happy worker is your calling. Please get in touch at

Happy Product Designer & Developer
Permanent, Full-time
(aka "Happy Director of Great Toys-To-Be")

No longer accepting applications.

Happy Graphic Designer
Permanent, Full-time
(aka “Happy Designer of Great Things”)

No longer accepting applications.

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Be a happy worker! :)