Juicy Beast: 10 Year Anniversary Burrito Bison Figure

Juicy Beast recently celebrated their 10th anniversary of handcrafting “weird little games” - which includes Launcha Libre, the latest installment of one of the web’s and mobile's favorite series.

To thank their core team and longterm supporters for 10 amazing years, we were lucky enough to help lovingly wrestle and handcraft some wooden doppelgängers of Burrito Bison, the series' hero.

The super limited edition 10th anniversary Burrito Bison figurines stand ~4” tall, are carved from maple and walnut woods, and hand painted. Natural wood grains make each artisanal figure unique.

If you think you've got what it takes to challenge all comers in Candy Land, you can help Burrito Bison and his luchadore friends bounce, crack, eat cake, smack, fly, and soar through the skies to fend off the invasion of gummies with explosive results!

p.s. To those lucky few to be bestowed with this figure: we thank you for your contributions to Juicy Beast and gamer happiness. May the benevolent gods of Candy Land forever smile upon you! p.s. We've heard that owning this figure bestows unbelievable candy wrestling skills. Or maybe it's ungodly candy eating skills. Either way.... gummy bears, lookout!

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