Toy Mapping: Mascot Toys of the Summer and Winter Games

Olympic mascot toys Sochi 2014 to 1968
Games mascots toys 1968 to 2014

To celebrate the unusual history of mascot toys from the Summer and Winter Games we’ve created this easy-to-use toy map, starting from the introduction of the first ‘unofficial’ Games mascot in 1968 through to the upcoming 2014 Winter Games in Sochi.

> To meet a Games mascot toy click a location on the map!
p.s. For a better view, try opening map in a new window.

Backgrounder: Happy Worker was the official licensee for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver for designer vinyl action figures. Before creating the figures we did a crazy amount of (fun!) homework. We looked at all previous Games, their toys and merchandise - both inspiration and to see how we could make the best toys ever. We came across some great and unusual toys from Games past and decided to create this handy ‘toy map’ to share with toy and character design fans.

Mascot toys are, of course, our favorite Olympic Games merchandise. They offer a colorful & playful history of the world’s great cultures, its art & design, and of changing traditions and changing times. And when each Games ends, the toys become cherished souvenirs and memories of the great spirit, peace and sport that are part of each Olympics.

When planning each Games, the organizing committee’s creative team, often collaborating with other artists, designs unique mascot characters inspired from the cultural heritage of the host country and city. Then they work with licensees and sponsors to turn these character designs into mascot merchandise, toys and collectibles.

p.s. Big thanks to Tiffany Chen, who helped compile and create the toy map! (yay Tiffany!)

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