Get Out of Job Jail Free

Get out of job jail free card for the office
Liberation from cubicle captivity - in card form

Get out of job jail free card for the office

Official Rules for Get out of J-O-B Jail Free Card

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You land in J-O-B Jail when...

(1) Your career path lands on the space marked "Go to J-O-B Jail"
(2) You apply for a job description marked "Go to J-O-B Jail"
(3) You piss off the boss three times in succession by shirking, inappropriate behavior or a workplace romance scandal.

When you are sent to J-O-B Jail you cannot avoid overtime, request time off, or collect your two weeks pay since, regardless of where you are on the corporate ladder, you must move directly into J-O-B Jail. Your career advancement and work satisfaction ends when you are sent to J-O-B Jail.

Just Visiting

If you are not "sent to J-O-B Jail" but, in the ordinary course of the day, happen to pass by that cubicle of a committed colleague, you are "Just Visiting". You incur no penalty, but are encouraged to heckle recently jailed colleagues in the usual manner until you return to your cubicle.

A player gets out of J-O-B Jail by...

(1) Sucking up to the boss or sacrificing vacation time within the next three pay periods. If you succeed in doing this you immediately receive the number of promotions equivalent to the number of butt kisses performed.
(2) Using the "Get Out of J-O-B Jail Free Card"
(3) Purchasing the "Get Out J-O-B Jail Free Card" from another colleague who consistently sucks up, and playing it. This purchase may be negotiated between colleagues and may include unwarranted compliments or sexual favors. (Tip: Avoid wheeling and dealing with the latter if you originally landed in J-O-B Jail as a result of a leaked workplace romance.)

Suggested Uses:

-Quick recovery from a misaddressed, gossip-filled e-mail.
-Rebuilding credibility after a workplace romance scandal.
-Getting back on good terms with the boss after a period of shirkage.

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