This interview really goes to hell

Picture this… you’re in a job interview, and the recruiter starts shouting abuse or throwing things at you. What do you do? If you react with your fists, you’re potential leadership material. If you soak up the abuse, you may make a good underling. This, according to a new style of recruiting that’s becoming popular in Russia – the stressovoye, or stressful interview. The theory is, when you’re caught in the heat of the moment, the true nature of your personality comes out. Now, I’m not aware of any definitive studies of this technique, or whether the psychological insights have merit. All I know is if a potential future boss tried this on me, I’d know all I need to about their true personality... plus I hope their health plan would cover removing the resume I’ll have stuffed up their nose. (p.s. thanks to Jgal for the tip!)
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