Co-Worker Turns Out to be Long Lost Birth Parent

Plywood, ceramic tile, and long lost Moms are among this week's specials at your local fix-it store. An employee got the deal of the century at the local hardware store this week when he not only found his birth mother, but also simultaneously became her co-worker.

Twenty-two year old Steve Flaig recently found his long-lost Mom, Christine Tallady working behind the cash register at Lowe's Hardware store, where he coincidently is also employed. After having searched online for her digits without success, some insider information from his boss revealed that he and his Mom were drinking from the same water cooler.

The adoption option has been chosen by many a parent, and as the decades pass, curious kids often seek to reunite with their long lost moms and pops. By leaving the genealogy gateways open at adoption time, kids are free to tear open the books to find their long lost gene-providers when the mode strikes.

This topic is rooted in a fair bit of controversy. A study by the Donaldson Institute says that the majority of birth parents welcome the idea of being reunited with their offspring. Opponents, however, state that opening previously zipped adoption records infringes on the privacy of the birth parents.

Child swapping has been around since Biblical times (Moses, the ultimate animal adopter, was also an adoptee!), and today around one in every ten American citizens has been involved in an adoption (either as an adoptee, birth parent or adoptive parent).

Some rather famous (and totally real) people have been adopted, including SuperMan, Tarzan and Warf from Star Trek. Unfortunately, none were reunited with their equally real parents, like Mrs. Tallady and her hardware-selling heir.

Locating your misplaced spawn at the workplace may not be likely, but there are other treasures to be found at work. Finding love at the office is a common occurrence in the 21st century, as statistics support that around half of all married couples meet at work.

If you've misplaced your child, Lowe's has one helluva Lost and Found box! Not looking for love, or a long lost child at the work? Fear not! Just check behind the filing cabinet and you're sure to find some equally 'exciting' treats.

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