Two Whoppers, hold the weed

Ok, just when you thought Burger King couldn’t go any further than it’s new menu addition - the new double whopper with cheese, which weighs in at 923 calories of beefy glory and carries the slogan ‘are you man enough?' – comes this story of what can happen when a burger flipper goes bad and decides to “share” their wacky tobaccy wealth.

We’ve all had our share of weird food encounters, and as usual it’s the sensational stories that make it to the media… some are fake, like the scrumptious bowl of finger chili with a side of scam… while some are disturbingly real, such as the Taiwanese toilet eatery. And now there’s one more story we wish wasn’t true… the strange tale of two uniformed police officers who visited a Burger King drive through in New Mexico last month, and got more than they paid for with their Whoppers. Besides lettuce, tomatoes and some charbroiled beef they also received a healthy sprinkling of marijuana. After ‘enjoying’ about half of their meals, the officers discovered the pot and immediately confirmed its identity with a field drug kit. Three employees have been indicted on counts of possession of marijuana and aggravated battery on an officer… it’s possible that Burger King’s drug policies may need to be updated; they probably only said “no drugs at work”, but didn’t say anything about serving drugs to customers. Makes us pine for the good ‘ole days when it was only a fly that we found in our soup.

Last week the officers sued Burger King for “personal injury, negligence, battery and violation of fair practices”. Ok, negligence and violation of fair practices – no question. But personal injury? There are no documented cases of severe injury due to oral ingestion of pot… in fact, you’d have to eat over a pound of marijuana in one sitting to even get close. Add to this the ample evidence that dope is actually quite healthy for you... in fact, marijuana has been found to limit your fat intake- so it could be argued that Burger King was doing these officers a service, by helping to limit the negative health effects of their burgery binge.

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