Get Out of Jail Free Cards for the Office

Get out of work free cards for the office
Monopoly cards to get out of the office - free!

Get Out of Work "Free" Cards

Monopoly Cards for the Office

In the search for the perfect job, no employee expects to do hard time in a workplace wasteland or J-O-B Jail. Despite that, everyone finds themselves in a dead-end job from time to time, but now there's hope!

Whether you're bored at work, suffering from a career error in judgment or at the point of brain explosion due to hatred for your job, these Monopoly Cards for the workplace will help you dig yourself out of that hole.

Print and keep 'em for yourself for an emergency quitting, or, if you're a happy worker, print them for your working stiff co-workers.

Get Out Of J-O-B Jail Free Card

get out of job jail free card for the officeLanded in J-O-B Jail after committing an error of judgment at work? No problem, the Get Out Of J-O-B Jail Free Card will put you back on good terms, while only sacrificing a small mouthful of pride. >>> Learn the rules & download...

Get Out Of Work "Free" Card

get out of work free monopoly card for the office

Avoid becoming a working stiff with the Get Out Of Work "Free" Card. Simply print and deliver to the boss to escape your wasted career.

>>> Learn the rules & download...

Dani Crosby/Happy Worker
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