Our Happy Mission

Toy Joy, 1 Fan + 1 Client + 1 Toy at a Time.

Happy Worker’s mission is to design a more joyful + exciting world through our playful creations and art.

Each new toy and collectible we make is our best ever. And we always go above and beyond to maximize client + fan happiness.

The Happy Way We Work

We love the art of toy making and creative collaborations with our clients.

We love the science and engineering of toy making and getting the thousands of little details just right.

And we really love making treasured toys and collector keepsakes that create toy joy and happiness for clients, fans and collectors - for years and years.

Be great collaborators; share our toy passion and expertise

Collaborative Design Reviews & Approvals: We happily collaborate with teams of all shapes and sizes. We work will all stakeholders - art, licensing, brand, merchandising and legal - to happily exceed design and business requirements.

Process: Every new toy and collectible order is planned, designed and managed by our iterative development process.

Reliable Production Planning: Happy Worker plans proactively and keeps our clients regularly updated on next steps and any potential issues.

Toy Experts: Happy Worker has been creating collector toys since 2003, and our sculptors and model makers have been making toys and collectibles for decades.

Push design limits

Happy master problem solvers: As with every new collectible that pushes design limits, each new great-toy-to-be encounters creative, engineering and logistics challenges. In our 10+ years of making toys, Happy Worker has solved countless design, technical, production and freight/logistics challenges – many of which were considered "impossible" until our team proved otherwise.

Used to working under "Crazy" timelines: Happy Worker is a veteran and has successfully handled rush, complex orders delivered around the world under punishing timelines. Whether by ocean or air, one shipment or many, we'll work night and day to get it right.

Never settle for “good”

Passion: We live and breathe toys and collectibles, great design, authenticity, and quality down to the smallest detail. Focusing on our clients’ assets and goals we design, prototype and manufacture new toys and gifts exclusively for fans and for results.

Perfectionism: We’re detailed perfectionists. Each new toy and collectible is destined to become our best product ever.

Constantly Perfecting: We’re picky about little details. From design and prototyping to QC, shipping, communication and everything in-between we're always pushing ourselves to greatness.

Trusted by Great Brands: Happy Worker has consistently exceeded design and quality expectations for high caliber clients. Our clients are the best – and they deserve the best.

Overbuilt Quality and QC: We demand overbuilt quality. We test our toys and collectibles at multiple stages. We also perform independent third-party audits to ensure they meet quality expectations and safety regulations before we ship.

Social Sustainability: We care about good working conditions and social compliance. Many of our factories are regularly audited under consumer products CSR programs.

Happiness comes first - and last

Happy Clients and Happy Fans: We’re enthusiastic about solving our client’s design, business and marketing challenges, and are only happy when our clients are more than satisfied.

Fans and Clients Come First: We are fans and collectors. And we challenge ourselves to always think like fans and clients at *each* stage of toy design and development.

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Be a happy worker! :)