Toy Safety

We design for safety, then we test to make sure.

We’re human. We’re betting you are too. Fortunately, this is also who we design and make toys & collectibles for – humans of all ages, from children to grownup collectors.

Happy Worker stands behind the toys and collectibles we make. We’re responsible for product quality and safety – and it’s not a responsibility we take lightly.

Ages 14 & under


The toys we make for children meet and exceed all safety standards and regulations. Safety considerations begin with the earliest design phases. During production we work with accredited labs to perform independent safety tests for children’s toys as required for each region the toys will be distributed in.


  • 0 to 3 yrs
  • 3 yrs to 12 yrs (US)
  • 3 yrs to 14 yrs (EU)

Common Standards

  • Intl/US: ASTM F963-11
  • Canada: Health Canada
  • EU: EN:71

Some of the things we test for include:

  • Mechanical hazards: toys are subjected to drop tests, push/pull tests, choking/suffocation tests, and sharpness and puncture tests.
  • Chemical/toxicological hazards, including soluble heavy metals: tests are run on the toy’s materials and its surface coatings to check for harmful substances like lead, mercury, and phthalates.
  • Flammability hazards: toys are tested to ensure that they don’t easily ignite.
  • Packaging & labeling: toy packaging and labels are verified to ensure they meet all guidelines and include all required elements.

Ages 15 and up … Collectibles & “this is not a toy”

Many of the collectibles Happy Worker creates, like urban vinyl toys, resin collector art pieces, and others - are intended for collectors ages 15 and up. As a result these items don’t fall under child safety regulations, though they may be tested for other consumer product requirements based on the item and countries they’re imported to.

Our collectibles, just like the toys we make, pass rigorous product quality control exams as part of Happy Worker’s drive for perfectionist quality.

We prepare for the best – but we also plan for the worst.

While Happy Worker has never experienced a serious product or safety issue, like any responsible manufacturer we plan for contingencies. And then we work very hard to make our toys as safe as possible so we never have to activate these plans.

Returns & Replacements: We’re the manufacturer and the buck stops with us. If a single toy is found to be defective, we’ll either offer a credit or refund, or replace it directly with our client, end consumer or retailer at no cost.

Product Recall Plan: Should the unthinkable happen, and one of our toys poses a risk to fans and clients, we’ll take immediate steps together with the appropriate agencies to apply our product recall plan. We never trade dollars for happiness or health.

Product Liability Insurance: Everything we make is covered by our product liability insurance.

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