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Toy Manufacturing

Toys and collectibles made with happiness.

Toys & collectibles are the greatest things in the world! They engage and excite. They combine joy, beauty and wonder. They create happiness and let fans, collectors and clients play and share experiences.

With each new toy and collectible collaboration we accept responsibility for creating impact and happiness. This is why we obsess over design details and quality control. And each time clients and their fans react to what we’ve created together, we know how lucky we are to get to do what we do!

p.s. Each toy and collectible we make is our best ever, because of our happy toy making process.

Toys & Collectibles We Make

Select a toy below for quick info on general budgets, timelines, quantities, and other details…

Custom Vinyl Figures Maker

Designer vinyl figures aren’t “just” toys – they’re works of art.



Custom Action Figures Maker

From modern superheroes to the classics, custom action figures are chock full of joints, accessories and fun!

Resin & Polystone Figures Maker

Highly detailed resin, polyresin or polystone figurines are authentic display pieces, equally at home in a fan’s collection or a museum.


Stuffed & Plush Toy Maker

There’s plush. And then there’s designer, collector quality plush – which is the only plush we make.


Custom Stress Balls Maker

One of the “humblest” types of toys, custom stress balls can get into the hands and onto the desks of almost everyone, everywhere.


Custom Toy Maker

Other collectibles & merchandise that combine our strengths and passions. Includes playful desk accessories, collector lunchboxes, capes & costumes, and more.


FAQs & Quick Links on Toy Manufacturing

Answers to common questions, along with key resources on toy manufacturing. Click on a title below to be transported to other pages on our web site…

What-Manufacturing-picto-Process.pngOur Toy Manufacturing Process

Overview of how we design, prototype and produce toys and collectibles.

What-Manufacturing-picto-Collaboration.pngWorking Together

How our team collaborates with yours.


What-Manufacturing-picto-Quality-control.pngQuality Control

Our approach to QC a.k.a. “Perfectionist Quality”.

What-Manufacturing-picto-Quality-control-2.pngShipping and Delivery

We don't just make great toys – we deliver them too, managing all freight and customs.


What-Manufacturing-picto-Security.pngToy Safety

All toys we make for children under 15 are tested to exceed guidelines.

What-Manufacturing-picto-QSR.pngEthical Manufacturing

More about our workers’ health and safety.


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