FITC: Luchador Metal Figurines

FITC Custom Metal Luchador Figurines
FITC Luchador Wrestler Metal Figurines
FITC Custom Toy Wrestling Figurine Prototypes
FITC Luchador Metal Figurine Prototypes
FITC Custom Luchador Metal Figures Painted
FITC Luchadores Rumble in the City
FITC Custom Metal Luchador Figurines
FITC Custom Toy Wrestling Figurine Prototypes
FITC Custom Luchador Metal Figures Painted




FITC produces annual design and technology festivals around the world, with the largest event in Toronto. This year, they wanted a fun and unique thank you gift for each festival goer and each speaker, that combined the "Break It" theme with their audience of digital designers, marketers and programmers.


Line of metal Mexican wrestler figures (aka luchadores), based on the original art FITC had designed for the "Break It" theme. These invited the digital designers to break the digital mold and express their own artistic styles by painting their own metal figures.


Happy Worker developed several concepts and recommendations, with the metal figures chosen as the right product outlet. Using digital art provided by FITC and their artists, we created the figures via rapid prototyping, engineered their bases, and developed the original package concept. After several molding steps, the figures were cast in metal, finished, packaged and delivered.


Festival goers and speakers left FITC with a super experience (we know – we were there!), and also with their own metal wrestler for them to have, to hold, and to paint. A small art piece to wrestle at their desks and remind them of the great times they had at FITC!

Fun Facts

The Mexican wrestlers were designed for FITC by Bradley Grosh (aka GMUNK), a digital artist who's worked in both film and advertising, and with more brands than you can shake a stick at.

FITC produces international design and technology events around the globe, including Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Amsterdam, and Korea. Next up... the Moon?

Only the greatest digital designers, marketers and programmers can win a prestigious FITC can-opener trophy, awarded annually for different categories at the FITC Design & Technology Awards.



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