Workplace Prank Signs for Office Fun

Workplace Warning Signs for Office Fun

From health and safety, to security, to green office practices, the ever-changing office environment requires employees to stay up-to-date on a load of new policies each year. There’s no better way to confuse colleagues at the office than to post seemingly unnecessary and fictitious policies in your workplace. Use to prank an unsuspecting a fellow cubicle farm friend, or hang around the office to cause over all confusion.

Don't be fooled by the productive appearance - office workers are known to bite through cubicle walls in search of tasty treats and socialization   Protect precious office supplies and favorite stationary - with electrifying results
Piles of work bring a smile to managing faces, but the unstable mountains of work also bring danger to workers - in the form of work load avalanche Help save the world (and company cash) by reducing toilet paper use at the office! One sheet - or you're dead meat!

Happiness can be contagious! Prevent infestations of happy humans and warn against the danger of transferring this highly cheerful condition

Brain explosion in stressful offices is the leading cause of workplace fatality. Avoid the messy clean-up!
Excessive clock watching has been known to actually reverse time! Help reduce clock watching after 4pm. With the invent of any useful device comes over-use, dependance and eventually... addiction. Say "no" to "Crackberry"!
Reduce frivolous coffee drinking by removing the free coffee perk. Your bottom line will thank you for it! Post and perk your ears as staff gossip and unproductive chit-chat magically disappear!

Dani Crosby/Happy Worker
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