Joyful bellyful holiday wishes!

Recipe for holiday happiness
Recipe for holiday happiness
Rose's Fruitcake Recipe
Recipe for holiday happiness
Rose's Fruitcake Recipe

*Thank you* everyone for helping fill our year with cheerful inspiration and hugs - we're a very lucky bunch!

This holiday we were inspired by decades of delight and deliciousness...

Heidi’s mom Rose started making fruitcakes over 30 years ago - she makes ~100 fruitcakes each December for gifts (yum!). While it's true that fruitcake doesn't have the best reputation, everyone at Happy Worker will attest that this cake is truly tasty! Over the years Rose has baked almost 3,000 truly beautiful bricks o’ cake, sharing and spreading happiness with every bite. Thanks Rose and happy hugs!!

A few days ago Heidi and Shirley test baked Rose's recipe... and the results were mmmmmmMmMmmM!

Here's 2 recipes guaranteed* to create joy.

Wishing you terrific toys + much happiness over the holidays and throughout 2017,

- Happy Worker

*Warning: Recipe(s) can cause: happiness; deliciousness; merry munchies; yummies in tummies; snack attacks; incurable cravings; gimme-treats-now tantrums; hyperactivity followed by immediate bouts of lethargy; sweet tooth-related dental visits; holiday-sized love handles; extra long stay house guests; utter lack of leftovers; hungry hankerings; over-refreshment; nonstop nibbling; future New Years’ resolutions; tormented tastebuds; calendar counting till next December.

Sabrina Leung
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