Wishing you a Joy + Glee-filled Holidays!



Hey there happy toyful gang,
It's true, we haven't been in touch much this year... it's been 112% marvelous and 26% wild! (And yes, we've managed to squeeze 138% into 1 year!). But we did want to take a moment to get kinda mushy.
Something we didn't know when we began our happy toymaking journeys over a decade ago, was all the truly wonderful people we would get to meet and whose lives we'd get to be a part of, even in small ways. We are VERY fortunate.

So a short heartfelt note for all you wonderful people in our happy community, 
Big wishes of joy + glee to you and your home and work families!

And cheerful, toyful, healthy wishes for 2015,

-  Happy Worker

Play + craft with Happy Worker 's holiday card:
- Tree (click to download)
- Ornaments (click to download)




Dani Crosby
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Be a happy worker! :)