Think Twice before getting Down and Dirty at the Office

Workplace perks have been known to include access to the company fitness centre or perhaps storage room office supplies, but hooking-up with a coworker may be the most bodacious bonus of them all.

Statistics note that at least half of all married couples meet at work, and that office antics in the form of sexy shirking may be more common than we think.

Those seeking cubicle kinship with a coworker have historically relied on a number of love-friendly locations at the office for a mid-day happy hour, including the infamous bosses desk, against the filing cabinet, the uni-sex bathroom, and of course, the storage closet.

While Cubicle cuddles could be occurring around every corner, a recent Gallup poll suggests that employees aren't cool with knowing that their coworkers are getting their jollies on the job. In fact, a water cooler-kiss is considered even more appalling than stealing or drinking on the job.

Passion-preventing policies have been introduced into workplaces in an attempt to nip office dating in the bud. This anti-booty bureaucracy has popped up in many large organizations, causing office antics to go underground.

Still interested in dating that hottie down the hall? Workplace experts suggest adhering to a few dating do's and don'ts to avoid swapping your cubicle for a jail cell. First, check to see if any dating policies exist in your workplace to find out whether or not you're breaking any rules. If successful in your quest to make a date with an office-mate, try to avoid getting hot and heavy during office hours. Finally, watch out for those pesky conflicts of interest, and be up front about your relationship status if you and your under-cover lover are found out.

Keeping your office antics to a minimum may not bring any excitment to the workplace, but at least you'll avoid getting a hanky-panky prompted pink slip from the boss.

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