It’s a Happy (Worker) Halloween!

On All Hallow’s Eve, at workplaces throughout the land,
many strange creatures will be in frightful demand…

Desks upon desks of creepy witch-workers and costumed boss-beasts,
filled to the brim with their trick-or-treat feasts.

Lit by the glow from jack-o’-lanterns, their cubicles decked…
(carved with great care to be politically correct),

The salaried munch-monsters and prowling pay-earners,
gather together in great bunches and start their “Boo” burners.

But to all, beware - heed the call from all Happy Workers,
when it comes to true corporate sin it pays to be shirkers.

We were thinking … who are the scariest bogeymen haunting us this Halloween? Quickly we agreed – the financial ghouls still lingering in the shadows of Wall Street. These sinning souls have caused the economic crash and burn that’s giving world markets serious indigestion… and causing investors to loose their lunches almost daily. So with this in mind, our intrepid illustrator Jake carved out an inspired idea. And so in honor of All Hallows’ Eve, we begin our tribute to the terrifying sinners of high finance…

The Seven Economic Deadly Sins

Select your sin below and start your penance…
Lust | Gluttony | Greed | Sloth | Wrath | Envy | Pride

Sinning artwork angelically illustrated by Jake Grundy. (p.s. All hail the drawing lord.)

Worst Halloween Costumes for the Office

Had enough of the real-life witches, goblins and devils at work? While it's great to get creative with your office costume, here's a few we hope you never attempt... that is, unless you plan to go trick-or-treating -- permanently.


Jake Grundy/Happy Worker
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