Top 10 Management Strategies to Discourage Office Romance

Romantic relationships with coworkers might seem like a good idea, but managers know that inter-cubicle love can lead to conflicts of interest and hanky panky at the office. Nip office dating in the bud by trying some of these office romance policies in your workplace!

10. Illuminate dimly lit areas of office with sports stadium spotlights

9. New company policy: Punish sexy e-mail content with boss-administered paper cut

8. Spike water cooler with anaphrodisiacs to destroy company libido

7. Amend company radio policy to allow death metal radio only

6. Hire employee’s parents, pets and Jesus impersonator to patrol office elevators

5. Amend company uniform policy to permit snow suits and Birkenstocks only

4. Outlaw company holiday parties unless all catered foods contain extra extra garlic and/or onions

3. Convert all comfy office couches into beds of nails

2. Volunteer entire staff to test Official Company Chastity Belt™

1. Install cold showers in cubicles
Shane Kirshenblatt/Happy Worker
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