Top 10 Signs you have a Crush on your Co-worker

With Valentines day quickly approaching, it's time to admit that you have an itsy bitsy crush on a coworker. Not sure if you do? See if any of these super obvious signs of labor love apply to you.

10. You refuse to buy a 3-hole punch so you can ask to borrow theirs every 20 minutes

9. You have a meeting with the IT department after they found the phrase “on the bosses desk” in one of your company e-mails

8. Dry mouth and the sweats cause you to visit the water cooler, coincidently stationed next to your coworker’s desk, 27 times/day

7. You pushed the delivery person down the stairs after they asked for your crush’s signature

6. You installed a grooming station in your cubicle for on-the-spot beautification

5. You strangely find your lunchtime/coffee break habits changing... even though you hate fish and tea you've suddenly developed a love of sashmi and chai lattes, whatever that is

4. You find yourself penciling in hearts around their name on the annual report

3. You’ve recently developed undiagnosed bladder issues that have your doctor baffled... taking you by your coworkers' cubicle 27 times each day

2. Whenever your colleague has to work late on a deadline you find yourself eagerly volunteering for unpaid overtime

1. Your company’s medical exams mistakenly diagnose your constantly thumping heart as abnormally high blood pressure
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