All the Bossy Facts

Boss Day - celebrated on October 16, 2008

  • National Boss Day created in 1958 by Patricia Haroski, a secretary at State Farm Insurance Company
  • Patricia started Boss Day to pay tribute to bosses
  • Official date (October 16) is Patricia’s father’s birthday

How Many Bosses are Out There?

  • 6.7 million managers in the US (5% of the US workforce)
  • 1.6 million managers in Canada (10% of the Canadian workforce)

Mr. and Mrs. Boss

  • Around 7500 people in the U.S. answer to Mr. or Mrs. Boss.
  • “Boss” is the #3714 most common last name in the U.S.

Origin of “Boss”

  • From the Dutch word “baas” (meaning "a master"), a standard title for a ship’s captain
  • 1625 - first time “Boss” was used in English
  • Popularity of “Boss” in American English may be an egalitarian avoidance of master

Boss in the Dictionary

  • Slang - in the 50’s, ‘boss’ meant great, first-rate or topnotch
  • Barnyard - 'boss' is another name for a cow or calf
  • Medicine - a ‘boss’ is a name for a rounded swelling, protuberance or humpback
  • … so, this sentence is technically feasible: Your boss did a boss job healing the boss’s itchy boss.

Strange Boss Facts

  • Bossiest town - Boss, Missouri (population 609)
  • Boss Nicknames - 'The Boss’ – Bruce Springsteen, singer / songwriter; ‘Boss Tweed’ - William Marcy Tweed, infamous corrupt New York politician;
  • Boss Songs - Big Boss Man (Elvis Priestly) ; I Love My Boss (Moxy Fruvous);
  • Bossiest Superhero - BossMan (of course!)


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